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Press Releases  

Nashua limited a major player in the professional services market through Ricoh international Partnership 

As the largest distributor of Ricoh International products, Nashua Limited has realigned their professional services offering. This programme marks the company’s transition in recent years from a solutions company selling to facilities, IT and procurement departments, to a company aligned to business processes and outcomes.


Ricoh International is a leading global solutions provider, with a strong heritage in customer focused technical excellence. Nashua identified the shift in the solutions market through its strategic partnership with Ricoh International,


Thus, Nashua Limited has shifted away from standardisation and consolidation, and is able to proactively engage customers’ business processes and realign corporate strategies


International business analyst Ole Sandner, Head of Commercial and Strategic Development at Ricoh International, notes that this change has occurred as business trends have indicated a shift in the way Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) procure IT services.


“Research has shown that over the next five years, almost half of all CIOs expect to operate the majority of their applications and infrastructures through cloud technologies. Thus, CIOs need to re-imagine IT to support growth and competitive advantage; raising the strategic importance of IT to the business, rather than focusing solely on the delivery of generic business plans.”


Sandner notes that the changing role of printer vendors over the last five years has also necessitated this change.


“Traditionally, a vendor’s role was to implement and manage fleets of printers within companies, optimising output capability. However, as companies have become more competitive, and are being placed under more pressure to perform, this situation has changed, and CIO's are searching for business outcomes within their companies.”


Nashua Limited Sales Director, David Coutinho concurs with Sandner.


“As South Africa enters into the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India China,) market, growth rates are expected to increase, with even more major international companies investing into the South African market. 


“Consequently, business has become more socially interactive, and it is now crucial to not only engage with IT departments and printing, but with CIO's and CEO's, in order to gain a better understanding of what they want to achieve in their own businesses.”


Coutinho notes that Nashua aligns its professional services focus to that of customer outcomes, focusing on the importance of partnerships, relationships and strategic alignment.


“Nashua constantly focuses on active management and optimisation, by identifying how customer needs are changing, and continuously making adjustments to related business processes, rather than focusing only on devices.


“Consequently, once these processes are better understood, Nashua begins to tailor-make solutions that can guide and help executives achieve their business objectives.”


As an example of this, Nashua recently integrated a complete document management solution (DMS) into Avis Fleet Services’ line of business leasing system. Avis’ business now operates with enhanced functionality and productivity, easing users’ daily workflow.


Further, Nashua has also provided similar solutions to major corporate companies, including Sasol, Mittal Steel South Africa, Goldfields, Deloitte, as well as the University of Cape Town; while Ricoh International has provided several global solutions to some of the world’s biggest enterprises.


Coutinho concludes that an appropriate analogy to describe the shift in services offered to CIOs is the comparison between selling a customer a car, and providing a limo service to them.

“Rather than merely providing customers with the means to arrive at their destination, they are escorted on the journey, and are not only assisted in the direction they should head, but provided with an understanding of what is required to get there.”



Organisational support critical to the development of women in enterprise development


Trying economic circumstances in South Africa have highlighted the importance of encouraging and assisting the growth of enterprise development in the country. In particular, women could benefit from this support, explains Khanyisile Kweyama, Chairperson of Anglo American’s enterprise development arm, Zimele.


Women’s role in the economy is increasing on a consistent basis, with a 2012 report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) indicating that even though women are becoming involved in business activities, there is a significant number of men who are active in the business sector. While South Africa has over the last 2 years showed improvements where the gender gap is concerned, the gap has widened again, quite significantly in 2012 with only 39% of females with the intention of venturing into business. However, what is comforting is that the gender gap in the youth population is fairly small with only 1% separating the males from their female counterparts in terms of entrepreneurial activities.


As such, these statistics are a good indicator that women are emerging as a real force in the enterprise development space in South Africa.


However, while these figures are very encouraging, one should also bear in mind that many of these women lack the business experience and financial resources to successfully break into their target markets, and sustain their enterprises well into the future.


Areas in which many local female entrepreneurs require assistance and input include corporate governance, management, legal issues, accounting, public relations, safety, health and the environment.


As such, it is vital to nurture the business acumen of these women, in order to increase their capabilities in this regard, and provide them with the requisite knowledge, ability and confidence to create impactful and meaningful businesses.


The most effective means to achieve this goal is to partner with rising female entrepreneurs in creating networks in which they can be trained and guided in their business journey. In this regard, mentorship and support is crucial, as well as establishing appropriate networks and forums that will allow these women to have all relevant questions answered relating to small business development.


Further, women should be encouraged to join supplier development programmes that will equip them with the tools to more effectively conduct business, while there are also various associations which open doors for women to pursue entrepreneurial activities.


In particular, women in rural areas could benefit greatly from increased involvement in entrepreneurship, as these women often rely solely on the earnings of their business endeavours to provide financially for both themselves and their families.


As such, helping these women become smart and skilful businesswomen will allow them to start thriving and sustainable enterprises, and gain financial independence.


The resultant steady income will provide stability in the family structure, which will have the knock-on effect of ensuring that family members have a grounding in which they are able to maximise educational opportunities, and have the means for themselves to establish successful and financially viable careers.


Companies have the necessary backing to pursue entrepreneurship programmes for women, as the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) codes encourages procurement from black women, which creates an enabling environment for the successful promotion of entrepreneurship.


Since 1989, Zimele has encountered considerable success in helping both men and women obtain financing for small enterprises, and develop crucial business skills. Zimele’s unique blend of financial support and incubator-style mentorship has allowed the companies we invest in to stand on their own feet and to grow into viable and sustainable enterprises.


In fact, from 2008 to the end of 2012, our four funds provided R708 million in funding, supported 1,393 companies, and completed 1,972 loan transactions. Further, funded businesses have employed 25,364 people, and achieved a collective annual turnover of R3, 4 billion.


During this period, Zimele has also helped numerous women become thriving entrepreneurs and implementing sustainable businesses, with 49 of Zimele’s support for entrepreneurs being directed towards women.


For example, Zimele provided significant funding to businesswoman, Mampho Selokoma, towards her protective clothing manufacturing business, Bustique 244, which allowed her to fulfil a protective clothing order for construction company, WBHO.


Further, Zimele provided funding towards an emerging businesswoman, Makgauta Mosia, in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng. She used some of the money to purchase a Quantum vehicle that would transport children from their school to the centre.  The Playz O Fun centre provides children from the age of one up to the age of eleven with an imaginative, challenging and fun environment in which to play, explore, exercise, reach, think, and interact.


The success of both these cases affirms that the Zimele model is achieving its goals, and creating tangible value for numerous people


Beyond its success with Zimele, Anglo American has also demonstrated its commitment to furthering female economic empowerment was vividly demonstrated by our recent partnership with the South African Women Business Council of Co-Operatives (SAWBCC).


This partnership will help the SAWBCC address the unequal patterns of production in the economy, and ensure that women receive maximum economic benefits.


In conclusion, it is highly evident that encouraging entrepreneurship among women in South Africa will serve as a positive force for social and economic development in the country. The key to success in these endeavours will be a sincere commitment to partnering with these entrepreneurs, and demonstrating consistent support in helping them to establish functional and engaging enterprises.


Ultimately, this will help alleviate poverty in the country on a widespread-scale, and create a positive legacy for millions of people.




Client:  Anglo American


Title:    Vergelegen Welcome Speech-Cynthia Carroll


Date:    29 January 2013



Good evening members of government, mining industry associates and partners, representatives of the media, distinguished guests.


I would like to offer everyone a warm welcome to the beautiful Vergelegen Wine Estate, a venue which Anglo American has owned since 1987. Thank you once again of granting our company the honour of hosting this event, as we kick off the annual Mining Indaba with a highly enjoyable gala dinner.


The tranquil backdrop of these picturesque surroundings and the general tone of the evening is a stark contrast to the turbulent events that vibrated through the mining industry in 2012. Widespread mining strikes, as well as the unfortunate and unacceptable violence that often accompanied these strikes, were undoubtedly a stain on the image, progress and prosperity of our industry.


Anglo American has equally been seriously affected by these occurrences, with our Platinum operations particularly feeling the brunt, and resulting in the current unwelcome scenario in which we may be compelled to let go thousands of employees.


From our perspective, Anglo American does not believe that the events of the past year signify the death knell of the South African mining industry. Rather, there is a golden opportunity to resolve lingering issues, and implement meaningful, tangible and enduring change for the better. 


Our assertion in this regard stems from the fact that our company believes wholeheartedly in the future of South Africa and its mining industry, and remains a responsible corporate citizen.


In fact, since we commenced operation here in 1917, we have implemented several sustainable measures within the economic sphere that have created a real and meaningful difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans. Further to this, we have proved pivotal to the country’s economic health, as we produce nearly 2.5% of South Africa’s GDP, and are the country’s largest private sector employer and corporate taxpayer.


Our company’s commitment to this country, and our contention that players within the industry have the capacity to create a brighter mining future, was reinforced during a speech I gave at the Gordon Institute of Business Science at the end of last year.


One of the points I emphasised was that our Group has a renewed commitment to employment equity in our industry, with a sincere intention to achieve Mining Charter targets, deliver on what we have promised, and to move beyond compliance to true transformation.


Other key areas which I highlighted included our intention to re-double our efforts to achieve zero harm in the mining industry, a commitment to promote health in the workplace and in the broader community, and the urgent need for regulatory stability.


These points also reinforced the need to achieve a sustainable legacy for the country through creating jobs, committing to local procurement and improved housing, supporting education and skills development, and enhancing environmental sustainability. 


Anglo American asserts that committing to these principles mentioned will materially transform the nature of this industry, and ensure that 2013 is considered to be the start of a positive revolution in South Africa, with mining playing a central role as an agent for positive socio-economic development.


Ultimately, it is not fanciful to suggest that equitable and telling solutions can be reached, and result in stable labour relations, improved and safer production, and technological advances and breakthroughs. 


However, it is of utmost importance that we learn from past mistakes, and work together in partnership in developing bold and imaginative solutions that will adequately tackle these problems, and create a profound and sustainable legacy for mining in this country.


Only through a consistent and sincere collective, commitment to these principles, will we be able to turnaround the industry’s current path, and achieve a safe, productive and equitable industry that we can all be proud of.


The next two days are pivotal to ensuring these aims are realised, and I therefore urge all participants and stakeholders to commit all their efforts to developing sustained and open ended partnerships with other stakeholders.


Thank you for your attention, and I trust that you will all savour tonight’s delectable mining Indaba dinner, as you revel in these truly gorgeous surroundings.


Thank You.

 Internal Communications 

(For Anglo American)

Dear GSS team player,



By now, you are all aware of the importance that GSS places on creating a high-functioning and efficient organisation that will allow us to operate in an optimal way. A central aspect of this philosophy is committing wholeheartedly to the GSS way, and in particular, the ethos of Shared Services.


Shared Services refers to a way of organising administrative functions in order to optimise the delivery of cost effective, flexible and reliable services to all customers, at all times. When dealing with customers, Shared Services should always remain a business strategy for improving key service functions such as finance, human resources, information technology, communications, purchasing and programme support.


The intent of Shared Services is to attain certain economies of scale in the delivery of services, resulting in more efficient use of resources, improved structure and greater satisfaction among members. It is also equally as important to leverage the expertise held by others to help improve the productivity level of core competencies and increase efficiencies.


GSS is proud that our team has continuously shown a willingness to ensure that shared services are offered to customers across the board at all times.


To maintain this standard, the GSS team urges you to also work towards incorporating the following 6 core elements throughout day-to-day business operations:


1.     Always remain mindful to reduce overall costs.

2.     The duplication of services across organisational units must be minimised.

3.     The primary aim must always be to improve the effectiveness of internal services.

4.     Demonstrate innovative thinking in terms of determining ways to sustain service functions

5.     Focus solely on  core obligations , as this will allow each operating unit to be more proficient in doing  what it does best

6.     Where possible, you may also suggest ways to make the best use of technology through platforms such as the Innovation Funnel.



The GSS team recognises that effective Shared Services management requires an organisational framework that will support the management process. As such, we have put the organisational design in place, and established clear principles and policy to ensure consistent application in the management process.


Moving forward, we urge you as the GSS team to show your full support in adhering to the guidelines already set for Shared Services. Committing fully in this regard will allow GSS to continue to lead the way as a value-adding and world-class organisation.


Yours Truly

(Initials, Surname and Title)




  (Bakwena Corporate Brochure)





Visual: Cars checking through a Bakwena Toll booth

The Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire (Bakwena) is the concessor for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the western section of the N4 and a portion of the N1. This route, which is known as the Bakwena Platinum Highway, is currently operating as a toll road under a 30 year concession contract.

The Highway consists of a 90 km stretch of the N1 from Pretoria northwards to Warmbaths and a 290 km stretch of the N4 running from Pretoria westwards to the Botswana border. It links the North and North West with the Maputo Corridor and acts as an international link joining South Africa to Botswana in the west, and with the N4 East leading to Mozambique

While Bakwena is a relatively new company from an operational perspective, it has already positively shaped the lives of thousands of motorists by providing them with a safer and more efficient road, assisting in roadside emergencies, and introducing Open Road Tolling (ORT) and electronic toll collection (ETC) to South Africa.

ORT allows for multi-lane free-flow tolling, without any physical lane separation or other hindrances, which means that vehicles do not have to stop at toll plazas. This is achieved through an ‘e-tag’, which is an electronic device that is attached to the windscreen of the vehicle and enables the road user to proceed through a designated e-tag lane without having to stop.

The e-tag is read by an antenna in the plaza and the boom opens automatically.  Motorists then receive their e-tag bill at month-end either via their credit card, garage card or fleetcard statements.

Bakwena’s e-tag is fully compatible with SANRAL’s system, as Bakwena’s e-tag works on SANRAL’s ORT roads and SANRAL’s e-tag works through Bakwena’s toll plazas.

Once a motorist has opened an account and registered their car using an e-tag or vehicle license number, their accounts are automatically charged. An automatic account is opened for unregistered road users without a user account, and all transactions associated with that particular vehicle are allocated to that specific user account. 

Bakwena History


Visual: Cars passing by on the road


On October 4, 2000, Bakwena signed the Concession Contract to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Bakwena N1N4 Toll Road. The Concession Contract officially commenced on 28 August 2001.

Initially, Bakwena was backed by a strong grouping of local and international construction companies with experience in all aspects of running a successful toll road concession, and financial institutions. The sponsor-group was led by Dragados, the world's leading operator of toll road and transport infrastructure concessions and Murray & Roberts, a well-established South African construction company. The South African Infrastructure Fund and COFIDES (Spain) were the major non-sponsor shareholders. 

Initial construction work was undertaken by a design and construct joint venture consisting of Dragados of Spain and the local firms of Murray & Roberts, Concor and Wilson Bailey Holmes-Ovcon (WBHO). Since completing the initial construction work and establishing traffic patterns established, the construction shareholders have divested and sold their shareholding to the remaining financial institutional shareholders.

The toll road is being operated and maintained by Pt Operational Services (Pty) Ltd, a special purpose company comprising Abertis, a Spanish operator and Tolcon, a South African based toll operator within the Murray and Roberts Group of companies.


Bakwena FAQ’S


Why do motorists still have to pay tolls when they already pay taxes?


The introduction of the toll road system in South Africa is in line with trends worldwide, and ensures that much needed road infrastructure is provided far quicker to the public than would be possible with traditional tax based revenues. Toll concessions also allows for these roads to be maintained on a regular basis, thereby enhancing the safety of the public


Why is Bakwena allowed to make profits from the toll roads?

In building, operating and maintaining the road, Bakwena is providing a substantial service, and is adding sustainable value to the community.  Further, any profit that Bakwena shareholders make is pegged at a market-related level, and any profit over and above this figure is progressively shared with SANRAL.


What are the toll tariffs I pay being used for?


The toll fees that are collected are allocated according to the commitments Bakwena has made in approximately the following proportions:


  • Initial construction works- 22%
  • Future construction works- 18%
  • Operation and maintenance- 17%
  • Services and fees- 10%
  • Interest payments- 33%


How do motorists benefit from the construction of the road?



The construction of the Bakwena Platinum Highway offers motorists many benefits, including:


·         Continual repairs and maintenance along the route, as and when required

·         Safety for all road users with the implementation of an Incident Management System and other safety features

·         Job creation for members of the local communities

·         Community development, such as new buildings and training of people in these communities

·         Business development for entrepreneurs and SMME’s, with 15% of the value of the work to be carried out on the Project set aside for SMMEs

·         An increase in local, national and foreign investment throughout southern Africa, as well as imports and exports to the region

·         A route which will ultimately link land-bound countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe to the Maputo Harbour



What is Bakwena doing for the community?


Beyond the value it strives to add in terms of its concession work, Bakwena also aims to uplift and improving the lives of community members in the corridor it operates in. As such, the company has developed a sustainable programme that is instilling a meaningful impact on these communities’ safety and well-being, and creating positive long term impacts. This programme is based on a partnership and trust that has been formed between Bakwena, community members and other stakeholders, and throughout, Bakwena strives to work together with the community in implementing these initiatives.

Website Copy 


It isn’t by coincidence or chance that Nashua Limited is the leading distributor of digital office automation (OA) equipment and document output solutions in Southern Africa.

Our dominant position in the market has been built on our ability to offer our clients a customised, end to end solution, regardless of the industry they operate in. Ultimately, our comprehensive range of products is agile and flexible enough to fit into any company’s operations, and ensure that they save a considerable amount of time and money.

Digital storage

Nashua’s customised digital storage solutions will increase the speed and efficiency of your business operations and bring down operational costs by ensuring that your office isn’t overwhelmed by mounds of manual paper and filing cabinets.

Through digitising documents, you are able to eliminate the production of extra manual copies of documents, retrieve documents faster, and re-file in the correct place.  This, in turn, improves document security and minimises the risk of potential IT disasters such as fire or theft.

It also encourages secure knowledge sharing, as multiple persons can have access to the same information simultaneously and any document can be swiftly shared with colleagues through a digital platform such as e-mail or fax.

Document, records and electronic content management

Having to keep track of numerous official document records, as well as complying with multiple legal bodies is a tedious and time consuming task.  

Our innovative and highly efficient solutions, which range from simple document management to complicated records management allows your business to substantially speed up the process of ensuring compliance and record keeping.

Throughout this process, we are able to create tailor-made solutions that fit your particular company structures or processes.

We therefore help you maintain the lifecycle of your documents, while ensuring that document records are secure.

Document Compliance

Document management and compliance involves the processing of official documents, such as leave forms and expense claims, into an electronic format. This is done in order to ensure your documents are accurately captured, and more efficiently comply with various legal bodies such as SARS and the National Archives.

Through electronically formatting these documents, the compliance process is substantially sped up, and made more efficient.

Document Records Management

With Nashua’s document records management solutions , companies  are able to ensure that workflows are properly managed and executed , and kept legally compliant  keep and according to company policies and processes. 

Through simplified document management processes, you will be able to save more time, reduce the amount of paper used, and ultimately reduce operational costs.  In addition, you will be able to offer staff more functionality and document control owing to the digitised nature of compliance necessary documentation.

Information access

The speed and efficiency in which you can access vital pieces of information, is often the deciding factor of the success or failure of your business.

But instead of increasing staff numbers to improve this area of your business, rather gain more out of your current staff complement by increasing their access to information.

Through Nashua’s digitised document management solution, multiple staff members can have access to vital pieces of company information at the same time.

And because the information is mobile as well, they can even save valuable time by doing their work away from the office.

Reduced operating expenses

Through a combination of optimising your fleet of printers, and installing intelligent software to manage your printing devices and documents, Nashua will help your business reduce unnecessary operating expenses, and generate a better return on your investment.  Included in this offering are three elements:

(A)  Fleet optimisation management

Nashua can ensure that your fleet of printers perform according to their intended use, and are not overworked or underworked by constantly maintaining and managing your printing devices.

We will help you gain the most out of your daily operations, by proactively providing you with the right device that best fits your unique business requirements, and produces the intended result.

Nashua will also help you eradicate the use of outdated or insufficient software solutions, and replace them with current solutions that will help you manage the print process better.

We further provide a solution which ensures that you are able to be adaptable and mobile when printing, as your printing job follows you.

User Behaviour Management

Much of the extra cost and time you incur in a business is due to incorrect user behaviour related to documents and printers. Nashua’s highly intelligent Document Management systems and Managed Print Services approach ensures that users only print what they need to.

And by helping you ensure that your devices are performing optimally, you will reduce the amount of ink and toner you use, and print far less documents.

Subsequently, this results in both substantially reduced operational costs, and a significantly reduced carbon footprint for your business

Version Controlling

Nashua will ensure that valuable time and money is not wasted in your daily operations, by providing version controlling through the central repository,

This solution allows multiple users to track documents on company servers. It thus ensures that time and money is once again saves, by providing better efficiency and collaboration on company documents such as expense forms and leave form

Document Security

One of the most important aspects of your company’s operations is to secure important pieces of information. Nashua assists you to increase the security of your documents by providing you with full auditability on all our system and devices.

Thus, you are able to track and monitor the workflow of your documents, and ensure that vital pieces of information will not be misplaced, destroyed, or fall into the wrong hands.

Variable data printing

Owing to the high cost and limited functionality of dot matrix printers, Nashua is able to offer our customers a far superior solution through variable data printing.

This form of printing represents a move away from pre-printed stationary, and once again reduces the amount of manual documents you print.

Through this solution, your printing can be customised according to your needs by adding functionality, intelligence and data to your documents, with the inclusion of elements such as barcodes, automated invoices and digital pen grids. To achieve this, the solution uses customer relationship management databases coupled with specific source files. In addition, our solution will allow for distribution of document in a number of formats and mediums, all with the click of a button.

Printing Device Range

Nashua has a wide range of industry leading Office Automation products, including MFP printing devices, colour laser printers, gel printers, wide format printers, duplicators, fax machines, and high volume printing devices.

Our products are adaptable enough for any business, and are infused with the latest state-of-the-art technology thanks to strategic partnerships with Ricoh International, HP, and Samsung.

Electronic Forms (e-forms)

Did you know that 80% of printing in business is based on forms that are originally electronically designed and printed out?

However, as printing out paper has become too slow for modern business, there is an urgent need to ensure that extra information can be electronically added to documents.

Nashua has the requisite technology to take the form you have designed and digitised, and help you avoid time consuming and unnecessary repeats of irrelevant information. 

With only limited input from the user, this solution will help you generate a dynamically customised document. In this document, only the relevant information you require is captured, and is specifically filtered according to the requirements of the user. This action ultimately reduces paper costs, removes frustration, and increase the mobility, speed and efficiency of the document process.

Business Process Management

Nashua’s business process solutions are agile enough to cater to whatever business process you have running, and can complement the growth and changing nature of your operation.

In fact, our systems can cater to any documents that need to be scanned and indexed, approval processes, indexing into other back-end systems, and document and records management systems.

Through this efficient process, all your documents are recorded onto one format, which ensures no duplication, and only one version.


Nashua’s services are agile enough to ensure that there is constant mobility to your printing processes, as your staff are able to print their documents from any location. This provides you with constant access to information, and the ability to operate more efficiently and save valuable time.

It also helps you company save on paper output, as printing orders will not print automatically and will only be released when necessary by the relevant person at the device.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Nashua is fully committed to being green, and as such, our processes have been designed to ensure that they don’t only do reduce your spend, but reduce your carbon footprint as well.

We are also planning to align our green strategies with those of our clients, and are currently in the process of gaining local ISO 14001 accreditation.

This will not only provide your company with accreditation, but will allow us to conduct green IT reporting, and contribute even more significantly towards lowering your carbon footprint.

Optimum solutions

Nashua is able to deliver solutions that are specified and optimally designed according to our customer’s needs. This array of services includes project management, due diligence, and implementation.

Through understanding the environment and requirements of our customer’s business, we are able to streamline their operations through the various levels of the company.

Thus, we are able to determine what products and services will provide the best fit for your company, and provide a costing comparison that relates to a solid return on investment.

Our asset management of capital investments is made over a period of time, including the procuring of printing devices and software.





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